At my discretion, I will collaborate with Pr/Companies in order to provide my reviews for any products  sent for consideration. I will provide an honest, in-depth, open yet unbiased review of the product in order to help my fellow readers and followers. The opinions stated are solely my own and do not represent the company/PR or manufacturer. Any such products reviewed will clearly state if they have been sent for such consideration. If you have a product you think I would like to try out or be interested in my review, please contact me at 

Anything discussed on this site is expressed as my own opinion and I reserve the right to my own opinion when discussing nail polish, cosmetics and other products. I will not intentionally malign a company but state my opinion as long unhappy rant.

Images used on this site

I occasionally use images found on the web which are believed to be in the public domain. I don’t claim to be the owner of such images nor do I claim ownership of any of the sites linked with my posts. All images or content is copyrighted to the rightful owner. If you are the owner of an image and want it removed, please, email me and I will do so as soon as possible. I will try my  best to mention or link any other blog used or images taken from any such source. 

I might make some mistakes or have grammatical errors and some of the my posts might seem redundant but this is my way of expressing my love for nail art. I will respect any and all comments made, work on any criticism and will try my best to be respectful at all times. 

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