Jul 6, 2011

Nice stems mini set by OPI

Index finger: I lily Love you
Middle finger: Play the peonies
Ring finger: Come to Poppy
Pinky finger: Be a Dahl-ia Won't you?

This is a perfect summer collection from OPI. All the pinks are different from one another and a perfect shimmery chunky glitter makes the collection complete.

  • Very smooth application with very little dragging. 
  • I Lily Love you- a perfect pink jelly based glitter with big hexagonal glitter, small holo glitter and silver glitter. Takes 4 coats to go opaque.
  • Come to Poppy- A blend of coral, pink and a tiny hint of orange with slight gold shimmer mixed into (only shows in certain light-doesn't shine through on the nail)
  • Play the Peonies-An off white egg shell color with a shimmery sheen to it, needs 3 coats to go opaque
  • Be a Dahl-ia Won't You?- The bright eye catching mesmerizing punch of color from this iridescent pink fuchsia with  fuchsia colored shimmer. 2 coats to go opaque, 3 coats for deep rich color

Base Coat- OPI Natural Nail base coat
Colors used: 3 coats of I Lily love you (My absolute favorite), Come to Poppy, Be a Dahl-ia won't you, Play the Peonies
Top Coat - Seche Vite

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